How To Deal With Second Day Hair

We've all done it. We've all at some point in our lives, forgotten to wash our hair the night before and have no time to wash it in the morning or just simply, couldn't be bothered. But fret no more, because I have some tips to distract, cover and cure that second day hair!

1. Distract

This is my personal fave. If the dry shampoo is nowhere to be found or you're in a bit of a rush, chuck a pair of sunglasses on your head. Yes it may draw attention to your head, but everyone will be looking at your sunglasses and not your hair. The sunglasses will keep your hair in place when it's windy, cover those greasy roots and make you look more summery - what more could you ask for?!

2. Cover

One word, hats. Beanie hat, floppy hat or a trilby, putting a hat on will not only cover your oops-I-should-have-washed-my-hair hair but also make you look a lil' bit stylish. By putting in on a hat, it allows you to do something nice with the ends of your hair too and make you look like you have made some sort of effort.

3. Cure

Of course the answer would be to just simply wash your hair but girl, ain't nobody got time fo' dat. A good ol' spritz with some trusty dry shampoo on the roots will not only rid you of your grease but also give you some extra volume to work with. My personal faves are Batiste Dry Shampoo in Blush and this one by Dove  (yes Dove really do dry shampoo!).

And there we have it, three simple steps to turn your second-day-hair from eww to new.

Thanks for reading!

What's your favourite way to cover up second-day-hair?




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