32 Thoughts I Had Whilst Queueing in Starbucks

Guess what, I was in Starbucks.

And guess what, there was a queue in Starbucks - who'd have guessed? Here are 32 thoughts I had whilst queueing in Starbucks...

1. I bet £10 the cashier is foreign and I'll have to repeat my name at least 4 times

2. Only had to repeat it twice

3. Why do I look up at the menu board even though I know what I'm getting

4. I come here so often they should know my name by now and all I should have to say is "the usual please"

5. Why is he buying food from here? Does he realise it's like £10 for one cookie?!

6. Okay they're only £2 and they are actually so good

7. Maybe I should buy a cookie

8. Ooooh Chocolate Caramel Shortbread

9. Stop Bethany, think skinny think skinny think skinny

10. Are people judging me because I'm getting a large?

11. Who cares, I can do what I want when I want because I'm a strong independent woman

13. Why is that woman buying a bottle of water?

14. Who comes to Starbucks to buy a bottle of water?!

15. Is she crazy?

16. Should I pick up that Peppa Pig free app card or not?

17. I'm 17, I do not need that Peppa Pig free app card

18. Okay I just put it in my pocket

19. I wonder if they've spelt my name right this time

20. Is he checking me out?

21. Why is it so noisy in here?

22. Hurry up, I need coffee

23. Why are the cup sleeves always so hard to get out the box?

24. Guess what, they didn't spelt my name write

25. I'll have to walk around pretending my name is Stephanie now

26. Should I take a photo of my Starbucks?

27. Did I even just ask myself that

28. Okay I'll just Snapchat it

29. Should I get some sugar

30. No, I'll be healthy today

31. Is this cappuccino cold or have I just got an asbestos mouth

32. I should've got sugar


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