12 Fashion Faux Pas That You Most Definitely Need To Avoid

We all know socks with sandals should not be worn under any circumstance and too much glitter is a defo no-go. But here's 12 more fashion faux-pas that are best to avoid at all times...

1. The "Foob"

AKA Fashion Boob. Yeah a bit of side boob or a deep, plunging neckline is fine here and there - in the name of fashion of course but you need to know when enough is enough. No one wants a shock nip slip, or nothing left to the imagination so keep them covered gals and stay classy.

2. Revealing Victoria's Secret

That's right ladies, don't reveal her secret. Keep those bra straps at bay and well and truly hidden. Oh and that goes for thongs too. No one wants to see your new lacy pink g-string that you picked up for £1 in Primark, no matter how pretty and lacy it is.

3. Clash of Patterns

Most patterns in general are a no-go (well for me in particular) but clashing patterns, well that's another story. I just have one word of advice, don't. Don't clash patterns. If you're wearing a floral top, don't go and pair it with a pair of dogtooth trousers, okay. Trust me on this one.

4. Fuggs

Also known as "Fake Uggs". You know the ones. The ones that make you look like you're walking on your ankles or the ones with "Gold Digga" embroidered up the side. If you're going to buy Uggs, just buy the real ones.

5. The Wrong Size

This goes without saying. Nothings worse than wearing something ill-fitting. Yeah that top you have to squeeze in to and constantly breathe in every time you wear it, yeah maybe you should give that a rest for now....or forever.

6. Diamante Disaster

Cheap, plastic and quite frankly, awful. There's no way that a diamante encrusted bag will ever look chic and sophisticated, there's no way. So if I were you, I'd pass on that diamante skull printed handbag you were eyeing up.

7. Double Denim

Should you, or shouldn't you. If done correctly, a double denim outfit can put other outfits to shame - just look at Olivia Palermo. But, if you don't get it quite right, you are in a fair chance of looking like a Britney and JT 2001 replica - not a good look.

8. Sheerly Not

Unless you're Kim Kardashian, sheer clothing should be avoided. Materials such as mesh and cheap polyester are the biggest culprits of the "is she naked?" taboo and are by no means sexy.

9. Road-Kill

Moc-croc, faux fur and leopard print are all well and truly classic fashion pieces but together is almost criminal. Avoid pairing one animal with another, leave the snakeskin and zebra print to separate occasions - or just maybe leave the zebra print out altogether.

10. White On The Wrong Day

Maybe it's best to avoid those white jeans, white cigarette pants or that white skirt during TTOTM, no matter how brave you are. Save yourself from recreating the Japanese flag and leave the white bottom half to a day when it's sure to stay white.

11. PVC

This goes without saying. PVC clothing should be avoided like the plague - unless it's a raincoat, they're kinda cute.

12. Accessory Anarchy

Your bejewelled top doesn't need to be paired with an arm of bangles and a statement necklace, let the clothes do the talking and calm down when it comes to accessories - remember, less is more.

Do yourself and the rest of the population a favour and remember these rules...forever.

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