My Week In Photos #2

This week has mainly consisted of me staying in bed surrounded by a variety of medicine and bottled water - yes, I've been ill. So it has been rather difficult to find something to share with you as this week has mainly been the view of the end of my bed and packets upon packets of tablets - of course I'm not going to share photos of those.

However, I managed to pull together a few exciting things (as exciting as being bed-bound can get) that have happened this week, here we go...

1. Snow

Yes, the South Coast finally got its yearly bout of snow and boy did everyone go crazy. I'm not going to lie, it was a mood lifter waking up to a white blanket (it's felt like forever since it last snowed) but once the temperature rose a degree or so, the stuff turned to slush and looked gross. My year feels complete if it has snowed at least once, so by the end of this year, even if it doesn't snow again, I'll be happy.

2. I bought a domain name

Have a look at the search engine. What can you see? Hopefully you can see because guess what, I've got my own domain name - holla. That does mean I've had to say a fond farewell to Edited Style, but now I've got my own blog under my own name and things can only go up from here - fingers crossed. 

3. Beach

In a bid to try and make myself feel better (and to actually get out of the house), my parents and I had a short walk along the beach - where I managed to take this not-so-brilliant cloudy shot - and finished with a cappuccino at a cafe (of course).

That's all for today, thanks for reading!



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