Goodbye EditedStyle and Hello

You may or may not have seen that when you typed in into your search engine, Google changed it to - how exciting!

So yeah, I've bought a domain to kick start things, get my blog rolling and see where this will take me. Although I loved Edited Style, it was never going to be permanent as it still had "" behind it and Edited Style was copyrighted to some home design website (I didn't know about this till recently). Now I've branched out and personalised my blog to my own name, got my own email address in my own name (so cool I know) and have created myself a platform to work from, lets hope the only way to go from here is up - cringeballs.

Things are still processing and yes the title on this page still reads "Edited Style" but give a girl some time eh. I need to re-do my logo and then hopefully by this time next week, everything you will see will have written all over it - I'm kidding.

So here's to my new domain and the start of something good *raises stolen Costa mug in the air* *some cappuccino spills out* *doesn't clean it up, writes about it on blog instead*



To contact me or for business related inquires, please feel free to email me at


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