Friday Faves: 13th January 2015

Whilst you're reading this I'm currently on my way to London - woo buzzing - even though its part of a school trip, lol. Anyway, here are this week faves, I hope you enjoy...

1. Women's Health Magazine

It's Britney b****.

AKA every women's bible! There's not one thing this magazine doesn't cover, from celeb diet secrets, to skin care advice, fashion and even the calorie content in one of Cafe Nero's Panini's (yeah, you don't want to know how much is in them), this mag has got it all. Of course it's jam packed with exercise, fitness facts and reveals what's really good for you but it covers a lot more than just sit ups and sugar swaps. At a pricey £3.90 (that's a lot for a magazine, right?) this is something that most definitely should be on your monthly must haves.

2. My Filofax

Best thing ever. I've wanted one for a long time but just couldn't fathom spending £75 for one (plus inserts, such a joke), so in conversation to my dad he sprung up and announced that he had one from a couple years ago that he no longer uses so I jumped at the chance of becoming it's new owner. It has sections for almost everything and keeps me so organised!

3. CoFresh Sweet Chilli Caramel Peanuts

This was one of those impulse buys, you know the ones when you just see it and throw it in your basket whilst having a wander around your local Tesco Express, yep. I had never seen these before and I had certainly never seen anything of that food combo before. But let me tell you something, they are amazing! For some strange reason the sweet chilli and caramel just work so well together and they work exceptionally well coated on a peanut - so weird. If you're into weird food combinations, go and pick these up!

4. Barry M's Matte Top Coat Nail Varnish

I'm personally not the biggest nail varnish user (you can probably tell why if you look closely at the photo) yet I have over 50 nail varnishes in my collection. In a moment of spontaneity I decided to paint my nails black and coat them in this matte top coat which has been collecting dust in my draw for a while. It's brilliant because you can turn any ordinary nail varnish into one with a matte finish - well done Barry M, you did good.

5. That Pommie Girl

Before you say anything, I know it's weird to include an actual person in a favourites post but technically it's not just her, it's her blog and videos too, okay? Youtuber and blogger, Sarah, the face behind That Pommie Girl, has been one of my all time favourites for a long time. Her makeup and style are TO DIE FOR and by "TO DIE FOR" I literally mean TO DIE FOR - saying I envy her style would be an understatement. Her classy yet casual fashion style can be seen through her blog here and her amazing makeup tutorials here. Girls, if you haven't heard of her yet, you will do soon - go check out her blog and YouTube channel!

And that concludes my short but sweet Friday Faves for this week, thank you for reading!




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