58 Lies Girls Have Probably Told Themselves At Least Once

Chances are you've probably told a few whoppers in your time and most of them to yourself, even though it doesn't do us any good we still do it anyway. 

1. Binging on a whole box of chocolates is a good idea - I'm comfort eating, I'll feel fine afterwards

2. My diet starts tomorrow

3. *Thinks of plate of food that contains nothing but carbs* diet starts Monday then

4. I'm going to become a strong independent women that nobody can mess with

5. I'll lose weight for Summer

6. Okay well maybe next Summer then

7. These heels will be really comfortable and I'll probs wear them all night

8. I can drink this whole bottle of wine and be a sophisticated drunk, I'm sure of it

9. I'm never drinking again

10. I'll never be one of those people who are obsessed with Netflix

11. I'll just watch one more episode on Netflix, yeah just one more

12. I'm going to eat really healthy, yay quinoa yay kale

13. This is defo an Instagram-worthy pic

14. *2 hours and only 9 likes later* that's it, it's cos I'm fat, I'm deleting it

15. I do really need to spend £50 on that lingerie set

16. I'll go to the gym tomorrow

17. I have nothing to wear

18. I can pull off this statement red lip

19. Its what's on the inside that counts

20. I'll only buy it if I really need it

21. Yeah I can drink vodka straight, no probs

22. These 10 sit ups will probably give me a toned stomach by tomorrow

23. I have the will-power to say no to free food

24. I'm going to get really organised and sort my sh*t out

25. I can browse the online sales without buying anything because I really don't need that black snakeskin structured bag with gold detailing or those beaut nude heels with an ankle strap

26. I'm not making a 100 second story on Snapchat when I go out

27. I'm going to shave my legs for my own benefit and nobody elses

28. I'm going to get so much use out of this smoothie maker

29. I'm going to juice everyday till I'm a size 6 again

30. Chocolate is made from cocoa which comes from a plant and that basically makes it salad. Chocolate is salad.

31. I can walk past Starbucks and not buy anything

32. I hate Primark

33. I can pull off these trainers without looking like a chav

34. I have to buy more candles

35. I love moisturising everyday

36. A little more bronzer won't hurt

37. I'm fine

38. I am fine

39. I'll never get back with my ex

40. I look well hipster and cool with my hair in a top knot

41. I'm not obsessed with Instagram

42. Facebook is so annoying

43. I'll never be one of those girls who can't handle their drink

44. Having a resting bitch face isn't that bad

45. I'll start going running

46. I have to take a photo of my salad

47. I need to upload this #skypic to Instagram, it looks so professional

48. I don't need anymore clothes

49. This blazer and heels combo makes me look so classy

50. I don't regret consuming my body weight in pasta yesterday

51. I love being a girl

52. This bodycon dress doesn't show my love handles

53. I promise I won't Instagram my new set of acrylics 

54. And won't caption it with #fresh

55. Coconut water tastes really nice

56. I'll never refer to trainers as "creps" or "kicks"

57. This selfie is so worth uploading to Instagram

58. It looks so much with X-Pro rather than Valencia 


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