22 Reasons Why North West Already Has A Better Life Than You

This 1 year old already has a better life than you and probably always will. But other than travelling to loads of countries and having met every famous face there is, here's 22 more reasons why she already has a better life than you:

1. She was FROW at New York Fashion Week

2. Her parents are Kimye

Enough said really.

3. She has better outfits than you

Yeah, I bet she doesn't wear Primark or F+F from Tesco

4. She can rock a black fur coat better than you ever will

5. She can dress up as a skunk and still look cuter than you

6. People feed her hot chocolate

7. She has her servants help her out 

8. She can rock an all-black outfit better than you

9. She can pose in cashmere and hold a Chanel handbag 

10. She had a frickin Coachella themed birthday party

What did you do? Bowling? Wow, cool.

11. She even had a tie-dye cake

12. Oh and a ferris wheel

12. She gets sent free designer clothes

13. She had a custom Givenchy wedding dress to match Kim at her parents wedding

14. She can fall asleep in the arms of Yeezus

15. She has Air Yeezys to match her parents

16. She laughs about how much better her life is than yours

17. She can make other toddlers look like basic b*tches

18. She can have a tantrum and make worldwide news

Bet that doesn't happen when you throw a fit

19. She has an endless amount of clothes to play dress-up with

20. Her parents spent $74,000 on her at Christmas

$75K!!!!!!! She only got a diamond encrusted tiara and a toy replica of her dad's matte black SUV - no biggie

21. She can even play the piano


22. She can rock camo better than you did back in 2012

Who wouldn't want to be North West? She has a net worth of $185 million to inherit whilst you're still probs struggling to afford money for a bus.

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