Recipe - Easy, Healthy, Instagramable Salad

Don't lie, as much as we all love a good scroll through beauty, fashion and dogs in costumes on instagram, there's one thing we all double tap for, and that's pictures of food. Whether it's 6ft tall cakes, a super healthy fruity breakfast - with or without the 50 million unrelated hashtags, a good old salad is most probably up there in the most double tapped list, well it is for me anyway.

Deep down we're all food porn obsessed, so salivate your way through this mega simple and mega tasty salad.


Salad Leaves (I've used a mixture of rocket and baby leaf)
Spring Onion(s)
(Any type of salad vegetable will do)


Chopping Board
Griddle Pan (plus stove)

Here's what to do...

Begin by putting your chosen salad leaves in a bowl and chopping up a desired amount of cucumber (preferably into quarters) and putting that on top.

Next chop the tomatoes in half and setting them aside.

Chop the ends off the spring onions and slice them down the middle. See photo.

Slice the avocado in half, remove the stone and peel off the skin.

Then cut the avocado into slices.

Turn the hob on to a high flame and place the griddle pan on top.

Line the avocado, tomatoes and spring onion on the pan.

After the vegetables start to smoke and have began to char, turn them over onto the opposite side.

Leave for another 1-2 minutes, then dish up onto your plate.


Now it's your turn to make this healthy, easy and oil-free salad. Trust me it's good.




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