21 Things That Definitely Happen At Your Year 6 School Disco

*Insert awful pre-disco photo here*

Some pretty gossip worthy things happened at every year 6 school disco, didn't they?

1. All the girls were sporting as many neon accesories that was humanly possible; neon headbands (more than one obvs), neon sweatbands, neon fish net gloves, neon leg warmers etc etc.

2. You'd been jumping so much that your £2.99 Primark bag (a bright neon one obvs) was flying everywhere and you'd be scared that your £2 sweets money would fall out so you clung onto that bad boy for dear life.

3. The I'm-acting-older-than-I-really-am girl would come in the coolest kitten heels which her older sister lent her, but you weren't jealous at all because it meant that she couldn't run around so you could play kiss chase and get all the boys, winner.

4. Everyone was practically high on E numbers from all the 5p sweets and Panda Pop that was available.

5. All the girls looked like they had just walked out of an explosion in Claire's Accessories.

6. When Crazy Frog came on everyone sprinted around the room in one massive circle which made you really dizzy but you didn't care because it was the Crazy Frog, durh.

7. All the girls would gather in the toilets to re-apply their most sparkliest pink lipgloss that was the latest Girl Talk freebie.

8. You'd have your 28AA bra strap showing so all the boys would know how grown up you were.

9. When you were out of money for Flumps you'd ask the boy who fancied you to buy you one, you little slut you.

10. Once you saw that there was a massive disco ball above, you knew that you were practically out clubbing.

11. Everyone would have bright red faces and some with sweat dripping down (ew smelly boys) because of all the dancing you'd be doing.

12. You and your best friend would try and down a whole plastic cup full of orange squash in one go, it's basically like necking shots, yeah?

13. And you'd always win because you have the throat skills of a champ. Still do.

14. You'd didn't care that there were teachers watching when your crush pounced on you with an artificial strawberry flavoured kiss.

15. You'd ask the DJ to play Low by Flo-rida so you could bust out your moves to your own choreographed dance, professional or what?

16. But he could only play the clean version so you shouted the dirty words instead, "SHAWTY HAD THEM APPLE BOTTOM JEANS...."

17. When When I Grow Up by The Pussycat Dolls came on, you were loving life because your hip shakes made you look like Nicole Sherzinger, right?

18. You were so embarrassed when you're Dad came to pick you up, because of course he had to be the first parent to get there, mega annoying.

19. At the end, you'd give your crush-of-the-night a goodnight kiss in front of everyone because you wanted everyone to know that things were serious.

20. You felt like a rebellious teenager, even though you were 12, because you had a late night on a school night, total rebel.

21. Getting home at half 8 and thinking "Omfg that was the best night of my life"

Weren't those days just the best?


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