21 Things Everyone Loves About Autumn

You can't deny it. Autumn, or "Fall" if you're American, is by far the best season. And this is why...

1. Autumn Leaves. Running through autumn leaves, taking pictures of your feet in autumn leaves, the colour of autumn leaves. Just autumn leaves.

2. Candles. Candles that smell like Halloween, however possible that is. Candles that smell like leaves (yeah I know WTF) and let's not forget, the Christmas Cookie Candle.

3. Fire. Camping around a fire toasting marshmallows or snuggled up inside with the fire on. Mmm fire.

4. Halloween. Everything to do with Halloween. The pumpkins, dressing up - even though I am 17 and, of course, trick or treating.

5. Duvet Days. Even though everyone has these when it's TTOTM, it's so much better when you're snuggled up on the sofa in Autumn with a hot choc watching movies.

6. Hot Chocolate. You can't deny it. You can't turn down a good ol' hot choc with whipped cream and mini marshmallows.

7. Faux Fur. Uh hello best thing since sliced bread. Faux fur hats, faux fur coats, faux fur gilets, faux fur scarf, just faux fur everything.

8. Darker evenings. The clocks go back and by 5 o'clock it's already pitch black.

9. Fireworks. Catherine wheels, rockets, the whole lot, Autumn isn't Autumn without fireworks.

10. Comfort Food. Mash potato, casseroles, soups and let's not forget ROAST DINNERS! Autumn's all about good, hearty evening meals.

11. Candlelit Baths. You can't beat a bath, but a candlelit bath is something else. Somehow the candles just make it so much more better.

12. Dark Lipstick. Whether it's plum, cherry or a deep red, dark lipstick is a winner in Autumn.

13. Fluffy Socks. Fluffy socks that are so fluffy that you're gonna die.

14. Knitwear. Not thin knit, the big, chunky, cable knit that is 20 stone heavy but the warmest thing ever.

15. Being acceptable to watch Christmas films. It may still only be October, but if you put the Elf dvd on, no one can say anything.

16. Salted Caramel. Just salted caramel everything. Thank you Yankee Candle.

17. More Black. Black. Black. Black. Even more black than summer.

18. Family Walks. Wrapping up warm and putting your wellies on to go out into the middle of nowhere and collect twigs or something like that.

19. Starbucks and Costa's New Cup Designs. Nothings better than walking into a coffee shop and being given a brand new designed cup that just signifies Autumn.

20. The lead up to Christmas. Even though that's technically in Winter, you can still think about Christmas and plan for Christmas in Autumn - duh.

21. Fairylights. More fairylights than in a Tumblr famous girl's bedroom. Fairylights make any bedroom cute and cosy for Autumn

So yeah, Autumn is the best season.

Thank you for reading.




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  1. Really liked this post. Definitely some of the things I find enjoyable about my favourite season! I can relate to #17 :)

    Great stuff here, hope to see more.