Where have I been?!?!

It feels like forever since blogger.com has been in my search engine and well it has, it's been well over a month. Why I stopped blogging, I'll never know, I guess I went into a bit of a "bloggers rut" and ran out of ideas, motivation and just passion really. I'd thought I'd seize this Sunday and turn it from a lazy day into a blogging day; blow the cobwebs off my blog and write something for you guys to enjoy.
There's a lot that's been going on since my last post; I started sixth form at a new school, I turned 17 and life's a lot different.


Since the midpoint of summer came around, I found myself actually missing school, missing learning and being in a structured environment - missing school, you must think I'm crazy, right? I couldn't wait to turn over a new chapter in my life and start preparing for my future (bloody hell, this is getting deep). Anyway since starting sixth form at a new school, I've become even more organised, more eager to learn and excited to go to school everyday - WTF?! Okay so before things get hella deep and cringey - not like they haven't aleady - let's just stop right here and move on.

Being 17

17 is such an awkward age, it's the 'inbetweeny' stage from feeling like you're on top of the world at 16 to when life actually starts getting good at 18 - so they say. The only bonus of this age is that you can start driving and become everybodys taxi, if you call that a bonus.

Before this post gets hella cringe, I'll end it here.




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