14 Things You Need To Know About Growing Up

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I've been yearning to write a blog post for the past month but like most things, life just got in the way. In recent posts I've made empty promises about future posts that I knew deep down I'd never actually dedicate the time to write. So for this post, which I don't even know if I'll post, I thought I'd head in a different direction away from the typical beauty and fashion posts and write something relateable, easy reading and nothing too fancy. Here we go...

1. You need to get a job

Ironic how I don't even have one (yet) but coming from others, getting a job is crucial because you can't live off last summers job money forever.

2. People come, people go

Yes, you may have heard this 18765 times before but everything does happens for a reason and when one door closes another one is just around the corner waiting for you to open it.

3. There's no need to rush

You've got plenty of years ahead of you to do all the crazy teenage shit, it doesn't have to be crammed into every weekend for the next god knows how many years. Pace yourself, and save it for later.

4. It's okay to not know what you want to do

Why people expect you to know what you want to be in 10 years time at the age of 16, I'll never know. What I do know however, is that unless you're lucky enough to have you whole life planned out, by trying new things and opening as many doors a possible (not literally) it'll make things much easier. Trust me.

5. Don't expect life to be easy

If life was easy, then everyone would be happy and quite frankly be bored. Life throws challenges at you, it's part of the job description. Just take them in your stride, use them as a lesson and learn from them. 

6. Family before friends

Your family will always be there for you (even if you don't want them to be) but friends won't. Friends come and go like clothing sales but family will stick by you no matter what. Spend more time with them, dedicate family time and cherish it whilst it lasts.

7. Be perfect as you are, not what someone else's idea of "perfect" is

Whether this applies to relationships or life in general, be yourself because there's no one else quite like you and plus, no one likes a copycat do they?

8. Take lots of photos

Whether it's of the sky, friends or shameless selfies, take as many photos as you can. Use up all your phones memory with memories that'll last a lifetime or capture days out on disposables, just take loads of photos, you'll thank me later.

9. Eat what you want

Skinny isn't everything. But being happy is. If stuffed crust pizza is your idea of happiness eat it until you're going to burst, you'll probably feel shitty after and have a studden splurge of motivation to go to the gym (which you probably won't do) but it's what you wanted and it made you happy. Life's too short to diet.

10. Don't take things for granted

What you have now may not be the same tomorrow, next week or even next year. You don't know what challenges life has install for you, love what you have and love what you don't have. There will always be someone who has less than you.

11. Take risks

For god sake get out of your comfort zone, do something that your 12 year old self would have loved to do if they had the chance. Jump out of a fucking plane, stand up in class and read something out, tell your crush their hair looks good, just do something you're not comfortable with and even if your face goes bright red you'll feel better about yourself.

12. Don't get a phone on a 2 year contract

You may think its a good idea at first, but after the first year when everyone's got that latest phone and you've still got a whole 12 months left with what is now a 'brick', you'll regret your decision 

13. Be positive

Focus on what you have, not what you don't have. Don't surround yourself with negative energy, instead teach yourself that being positive will get you far. 

14. Smile

Smile when you're sad, smile when you're angry and smile when you're damn right pissed off. Smiling tricks your brain into thinking it's happy and will therefore make you happy. Free therapy right there.

Take these on board, or don't take these on board, I don't mind. Just remember growing up is one of that hardest things you can do and if you can do it and come out alright then your work is done.




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