Lunch At The Curlew

Today, my Dad took my brother and I out for lunch to one of our favourite places, The Curlew. It's almost like a family tradition to go here on a special occasion and considering my Mum has gone away on holiday, my Dad thought it would be a nice treat to go for lunch. The building itself is an old farmhouse slash inn, now renovated into a pub and what they call "vintage inns". Since the British weather has picked itself up again and is borderline hot it was acceptable to sit outside and enjoy the sun. The Curlew is a lovely place to go whatever the weather as seating inside is great too! 
I treated myself to their "Scampi Medley" aka Scampi & Chips and my favourite of sparkling cranberry to drink. The service is great and the staff are always happy to help with anything, even if you want ice cream in your coke - my brother for example. For dessert I ordered the "Toffee Sundae with Churros" minus the cinnamon sugar - yuck! It was a mighty way to end a lovely lunchtime out with my Dad and brother. 
If you're ever looking for a place to eat out, especially if you're with your family, head to The Curlew! 

What's your favourite place to eat?

Bethany x


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