July Favourites

Being a passionate blogger and dedicated YouTube watcher, I'm surprised I haven't done a "favourites" post...ever! So since I've been buying and trying new products, rekindling my love for oldies, I thought this would be the perfect time to write a favourites post!

The Beauty Bits

Ever since the whole craze about Micellar Water leaked onto the beauty blogging world a few months back, everyone (including myself) has ditched the wipes for cotton pads and has become obsessed with the new way to remove makeup. If you've tried it, you've got to admit how much better it is! Goodbye to the I've-just-taken-my-makeup-off-and-my-face-is-now-bright-red face! My first Micellar purchase was L'OREAL's take on the cleansing water and it worked a treat, however in life things run out and it was time to buy another. This time I opted for Garnier's version which was double in size yet half the price! The 400ml bottle claims to serve 200 uses, so I won't be needed to re-purchase this for a long time then! All in all, it does the job, it's more cost effective and saves you having to keep restocking makeup wipes - winner!

Next is something that I actually got for my birthday last September and the catalyst to my makeup obsession. The Naked Basics palette is a sleek, pocket-sized piece of heaven. Urban Decay have cleverly picked 6 shades which can be worn right from a simple everyday eye to a killer smokey eye in the evening - hardly basic! The reason as to why it's become one of my favourites for July is all down to my eyebrows. My eyebrows and I have never got along, and to cut a long story short I've only started filling them in recently (well since my Bobbi Brown Makeover). To fill them in I've been using "Faint" from the Basics Palette which is the perfect shade for my eyebrows! Before that, I sort of neglected the palette and tended to use my 32 piece natural palette from e.l.f. for everyday eyeshadow. So when I resurrected this bad boy I realised the gorgeous colours I'd been missing out on! Not only are the colours on point but they are highly pigmented and work well together too! And because of that, it had to be a contender in this months favourites. 

P.S. As you can see I've hit pan on Naked 2!

The penultimate beauty favourite is something that every girl should own, no question about it. Of course what I'm talking about is Collection's Lasting Perfection Concealer! You may recognise it from it's iconic packaging which, unlike the name itself, isn't lasting perfection. The amount of times I've raved about this is beyond me but I have good reason to! The saviour is under £5 and comes out on top of all drugstore concealers. It covers spots like a dream and as for dark circles, well they're something of the past sister! (Forgive me for that please.). Collection's Lasting Perfection Concealer will probably be in every months favourites until something tops it- can you understand how good it is yet?!

To conclude the beauty favourites is my alternative to fake tanning 24/7. I've recently discovered, thanks to my Mum, Dove's Summer Glow Nourishing Lotion, which is basically a moisturiser with a subtle gradual self-tanner. I've used this 3 times since purchasing and have already bean to see a difference! I'm not the biggest fan of sunbathing and have ruined too many white bed sheets to continue using fake tan, so it was about time to switch and give a gradual tanner a go. No turning back - well not for a while!

The Foodie Bits

Pit stops at the M&S in my local town centre have always been a thing for my Mum and I. A lunch break is always much needed after a couple hours of intense shopping (especially with all the sales on!) and where else would we go. Other than if I make them, the only place I'll eat sandwiches is M&S, who could say no to an Avocado, Pine Nut and Spinach with Wholemeal Bread Sandwhich! The other day we both thought we'd try something new so we picked up their new Beetroot Vinagrette Crisps and Watermelon & Coconut White Tea. Uh hello food porn! Both the crisps and drink were heavenly! I'm not a massive crisp fan myself but these were a crisp I'd happily eat. And as for the drink, well I've think I've just found my new obsession. The 250ml bottle was great so of course I had to go back and buy the 750ml - obviously! 

This concludes my first ever favourites post and my favourites of July. Hope you've enjoyed it!

What are you July Favourites?

Bethany x


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