BOSS Orange Dupe

Dupes aren't really my thing, I believe if you want it, you should save up for it especially if it's a handbag or purse. In this case, it's neither (thank God), the dupe in question itself is Lidl's newest perfume, Suddenly Diamonds. Yes, I did just say Lidl. Over the past couple of years, Lidl has been thrown in the spotlight for their dupes of high end perfumes. Ever since I purchased their supposed Coco Mademoiselle dupe titled Suddenly Madame Glamour, I've been eager to try their next one. Some people feel hesitant when it comes to supermarkets "own label" beauty products, especially perfumes, as they predict it to be an imitation of the expensive equivalent. However, Lidl perfumes are such remarkable copies of the designer brand that you can't really tell the difference - except the packaging. The perfume itself has a bright citrus opening, followed by a syrupy orange-y haze closely behind and lingers as a musky fragrance. In comparison to the BOSS Orange, Lidl's version is less fruity and a more heavier, deeper register. The resemblance is compelling really, the difference is almost unrecognisable and for £3.99 what's the big deal! Next to Marc Jacobs' Lola and Versace's Bright Crystal, oh a Lidl's Suddenly Mademoiselle Glamour (of course), this BOSS Orange dupe has certainly made it onto my dressing table and of course onto my favourite perfumes list. 

If you have a Lidl near you, go and check it out for yourself and have a good ol' spritz in the shop! 

Stay peeled (get it?) for more posts to come soon. 

Bethany x


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