What I've Been Up To

Disclaimer - if you're really hungry I suggest you don't read this because it will physically pain you at the amount of food mentioned in this post. 

Food, glorious food to say the least! 

As I am writing this, I am currently in a food coma and don't plan on eating for another year. 

I spent my Friday night at my friends house, we had, what I thought was going to be a dinner party followed by a sleepover which actually then turned into a giant feast - it looked as if we hadn't eaten for weeks! This food filled dinner party stroke sleepover was, minus the achy belly, a lovely chance to catch up with friends now that we have broken up from school. With only a few pictures to prove, my friend, Sidonie, made a lovely homemade pie with all the trimmings plus dessert! I've never felt so full in my life but let's just say, it was well deserved! And to top it off a whopping great big Chocolate Oreo cake was made, as if I wasn't full enough! 
The night was ended with a campout on her third floor. Decorated with fairy lights, candles and endless amounts of bedding, we all snuggled up and shared scary stories - obviously. 
Deciding that we weren't full enough, the next morning we went out for breakfast in our local town at a cute little cafe named Kelly's Kitchen. We all managed to bag ourselves a bargain and get a typical English Breakfast for only £2.50, praise the Lord for the early bird special! I also ordered myself a cheeky iced latte too mmm. 
I feel the urge to go on a 100 mile run now to burn off the 1 million calories I have eaten but the weather isn't great so I guess I'll have to spent the rest of the day inside watching films - shame. 

Apologies for this impromptu and poor attempt of a "What I've Been Up To" post. I hope it hasn't made you too hungry. 

What have you been up to?

Bethany x


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