Review - Clinique Chubby Stick

How cute is this little thing? Yes, I know I'm late onto the bandwagon but hey ho, I'm on it! I did a bit of a cheeky thing though. Instead of purchasing the £17 version, I took advantage of Glamour Magazine's freebies - can't turn down a good freebie, eh? Anyway, for their August edition, Glamour have four Clinique products worth over £40 up for grabs, and it just so happens that the chubby stick I was after is one of the four! It must be fate!
The chubby stick (still can't get over how cute the name is) is in the colour "woppin' watermelon" and is a bright pink colour. It's the perfect tone and great for adding a pop of colour into your look. As for it's job, it labels itself as a "moisturising lip colour balm" and that's exactly what it is. Having just the right amount of colour to call itself a lip balm, the moisture is down to a tee and as for the colour, well it's spot on. 
So if you're still unsure whether the £17 version is worth it, head on down to your local corner shop and pick up your own Glamour and try for yourself!

What's your favourite moisturising lip balm?

Bethany x


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  1. i love this!! i got the moisturiser edition and may pick up this one for my mum but just cut off the free bit ahah xx