Recipe - Cool Fresh Mint and Lime Refresher

A hot summers day can't be complete without a cool iced beverage in your hand, can it? A personal favourite of mine and something which really quenches your thirst is my twist on Starbucks's Cool Lime Refresher. Containing ingredients I'm sure you'll have in your home already, this cool drink is quick and easy to make. The lime gives just the right amount of zest and complements the fresh mint perfectly! Why not try and make it yourself, here goes...


Fresh Mint (approx 7 leaves)
1/4 of a Lime
Cup of Water
Cup of Ice
Bitter Lemonade (normal lemonade works well too)


Chopping Board


Begin by pouring the cup of water into your glass, this should fill it up half way depending on the size of your glass. 

Next, pour in the bitter lemonade (or normal lemonade) until the glass is 3/4 full. 

On the chopping board, slice the lime in half and half again until you end up with one quarter. 

Chuck in the ice cubes and using your straw, give it a good stir around. 

Next, squeeze the lime into the glass and then drop it in. 

If you're fortunate enough to grow your own mint, grab approximately 7 leaves and sprinkle them on top of the drink. If you don't have mint at home, most supermarkets sell fresh mint in bags fairly cheaply. 

Here comes the hard bit...

Pop the straw in and enjoy! Put your feet up and lie in the sun with your Cool Fresh Mint Lime Refresher. 

A perfect companion to a hot day that'll sure cool you down!

Hope you enjoyed EditedStyle's first ever recipe post! Stay tuned for more!

What's your favourite beverage to have on a hot summers day?

Bethany x

P.S. Try growing your own fresh mint in your garden!


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