Summer Reads - Books Every Girl Should Read

Possibly a beginning to a new segment for this blog? Maybe. After being rewarded with 11 weeks of summer following my final year at school, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to catch up on some books I've pushed aside - or swapped for revision books! 

These books, to me, stand out as 4 of the main contenders under the category of Books Every Girl Should Read. I mean it, they cover the whole spectrum, from friendships to boys, make up to make ups, these 4 books will have you feeling every emotion on the planet - much like a day of a teenage girl. 

The first 3 are from The Hills star and the fashion icon that is Lauren Conrad. L.A. Candy, Sweet Little Lies and Sugar and Spice are part of the L.A. Candy collection and depict the life of a new found It Girl, Jane Roberts and her laid back bestie, Scarlett Harp as they are thrown into the world of reality T.V. With the backdrop of iconic Los Angeles, we follow the two girls as they weave in and out of new pals, hot eye candy, VIP treatment and life in the spotlight. If you loved The Hills you're garunteed to love this, it even features a few flashbacks from Conrad's time on The Hills - déjà vu, eh?
Lauren Conrad pulls back the curtain on young Hollywood and shows that sometimes the real drama is behind the scenes. The L.A. Candy trilogy is a must for any beauty, fashion and gossip loving girl and remember the lies are only as sweet as the people telling them.  

This next book is Marmite. You're either going to love it, or hate it. Being an autobiography, it's obviously going to be about the celebrity in question. Whether you like Binky Felstead or not, through this book you'll grow to love her. 
Chelsea Girl, Alexandra 'Binky' Felstead, provides a backstage pass on the secret and exclusive world of Chelsea and lifts the lid on her life and relationships, on and off the screen of the hit T.V. Series Made In Chelsea
We learn how she came from a childhood you wouldn't automatically assume, this overnight celebrity talks about the ugly side of school, friendships and Chelsea itself. After being thrown into the limelight back in 2011, Binky tells us how she was catapulted from her nine-to-five job to the world of reality TV fame, much like L.A. Candy. From fueds to frenemies to fake tan, this book covers the life of Chelsea It Girl Binky Felstead, from the lows to the highs she uncovers the reality of Chelsea life and the whirlwind that is Made In Chelsea.
Including some fab places to eat, life tips and beauty secrets this book is a must have for any girl.  

That concludes my Summer Reads for now, hope you found this useful!

What are your summer reads this year?

Bethany xxx


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