Mini Beauty Haul

Having got my craving for new clothing out of my system, I subsequently replaced it with a desire to by some "much needed" beauty products. These products either replaced empties, are alternatives to disappointing products or new products that I had to buy. As you can tell, this wasn't a purse indenting splurge but more of a collection of purse friendly purchases. Everything below was under £5 and falls into each category of what, I believe, every girl should own. 

Dry shampoo, for me, is a must! It revives that "day of washing" hair grease and spruces it back to life. Batiste comes out on top above all drugstore own brands. Coming in a variety of different purposes, scents and packagings, Batiste has a dry shampoo for every occasion! Like stated in a previous post, a long time, I raved about Batiste's XXL Big & Bouncy Volume and to this day nothing has topped it. Since I couldn't find that particular one, I settled on the Floral & Fruity Blush, I blame the ditsy packaging really. This, like all the products was from Boots and was £2.49 and a vital must have for any girl!

If you haven't heard of the new "Micellar Water Solution" that many well known cosmetic companies have recently brought out then where have you been living the past week?! After watching many YouTube reviews on this and after seeing Becca from Becca Rose recommend it, I had to get it! This is the L'OREAL Paris Skin Perfction 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution and claims to effortlessly take off makeup without the need to excessively wipe it off. The Purifying Micellar Solution also claims to unclog pores and smooth skin, sounds perfect to me! I guess you'll just have to wait for a review, watch this space. So in the meantime, go down to your local Boots, pick up this new solution for only £3.50 and try for yourself!  

If fruity scents are something you're drawn to, then this is perfect for you. Was I wasn't desparate for a new lip balm? No. Did I really need a new lip balm? Still no. Did the inviting raspberry rose scent make me buy it? Yes. Most lip balms are usually strawberry flavoured and to me smell artificial and sickly. However, the Nivea Lip Tin comes in less common flavours such as Creme Caramel and Vanilla as well as Raspberry Rose. This £2.10 tin places a perfect pale pink colour to your lips and moistures them just as it says on the tin - get it? 

You can't go wrong with a bit of Barry M Nail Varnish, at £3.99 it's an absolute steal. If you've used it before, you'll know it's quickly drying, long lasting and chip resistant finish. The small bottles seem to last forever and come in more colours, textures and finishes then you can ever imagine! I was swayed into buying this as it was part of Barry M's new "Matte Finish" collection and came in the nude shade I was looking for. After applying two layers, the nail varnish dried withing seconds and produced a clean matte finish. If this is what you're looking for, make sure you buy before it's all sold out!

If you're part of the beauty craze and know all the tips and tricks of the trade then I'm sure you'll know about The Collection's concealer. Under £4, this drugstore secret does the same, if not better, than many high end concealers! It's perfect for under eye coverage, evening out skin tone and hiding that pesky spot now and again. I had to pick this up to replace my 332626th one (I'm just kidding) and if you've never tried it, what are you waiting for?! Your local drugstore most probably stocks it is awaiting for you purchase. Beauty bloggers and YouTubers such as Becca Rose swear by it, so go and find the hype about it for yourself! 

This is where I will end this post, I hope you enjoyed this and stay tuned for an empties post coming soon!

Bethany x


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