Bobbi Brown Makeover - Prom Edition

It's that time of the year again, a time that's more stressful than exams and pretty much an insight into what your wedding will be like! I'm talking about prom, one of the most key dates on any girl's calendar. A date when hair, makeup, nails, dress and shoes are all booked and bought way in advance. 
All eyes are on you at prom and speculation as to what your dress will be like is high. Everything must match, from jewellery to shoes and eyeshadow to lip colour - there's no room for error!
Make up, like everyday, is a crucial part and leaves large gaps for potential errors. To eliminate this, myself and a few of my friends went to the Bobbi Brown concession in our local Beales Department Store to get our prom makeover. 
The girls at Bobbi Brown were lovely and flipped our stressed and anxious atmosphere into a more calm and humorous vibe. With music playing in the background; our make up being done for us and being surrounded by our friends, it was the perfect way to get ready - all we needed was drinks to complete it! 
My makeup was done by a lovely girl named Katie who ensured everything was coordinated, complemented my dress and macthed my skin colour. Having quite oily skin, Katie suggested that using their foundation stick would be best. This helped to counteract the oil and leave a matte finish. The foundation stick also contained no SPF making sure no flash from the camera was reflected on my skin - shiny forehead alert = banished!
Colour wise, I was matched to "Warm Beige" and this was blended in using the Bobbi Brown Foundation Brush. Complementary to this, a "Beige" coloured concealer and a "Bisque" coloured corrector helped to hide imperfections and even out my skin tone. 
To set this all in place, the make up artist used a powder in "Soft Sand" which also helped to mattify the skin as well. Next, "Natural" bronzer was applied to contour and define my cheekbones as well as a pop of colour from the blush "Slopes". 
Now onto my favourite bit and the part that can make or break the look. Get one colour choice wrong and that's it. Luckily, the make up artist was an expert and knew what she was doing. 
We all know how important eyeshadow is. Getting the right colour in the crease is crucial and not to mention all over the lid as well! The make up artist used the Eye Sweep Brush to apply "Petal" to my lids. Swatching it on her hand before, the eyeshadow was so pigmented and had a lovely sparkle to it. After a few decisions, we finally narrowed the crease colour down to "Heather" which was a deep pink colour that also complemented my dress. On the lower lid, she blended in "Silver Moon" which tied all the colours in together perfectly!
Using the pencil line "Storm", the makeup artist smudged the shadowon the upper and lower lash line for extra definition.
Bearing in mind, whilst all this was happening, I had no clue what was going on and I wasn't allowed to see until the big reveal at the end. An oversized mirror was plastered on the wall next to me yet I stuck to the makeup artists word and promised not to look. Let's just say, I put a lot of trust in her! 
Convincing me not to put on false eyelashes because mine were "long enough", the makeup artist used the Extreme Party Mascara and boy did it live up to it's name! I must admit, I am fortunate enough to have fairly long eyelashes but man, they went from mediocre to BAM in one brush of the wand. 
Next was the bit that I was most dreading, eyebrows. Bringing back horrible memories of my waxy slugs of Year 10, I was convinced it was going to go horribly wrong. Dreading the outcome, the makeup artist used the eyeshadow "Sadale" to fill them in with, you guessed it, an eyebrow brush. She then set them in place with clear gloss brow mascara as I was still unaware of how yet looked. Only reassuring comments from my mum put me at ease but I still prayed that my brows looked nothing like they were back in my Yeat 10 days - I mean, brows frame the face, they complete the look! Get them wrong and you're screwed!
I myself am basically a lipstick virgin, I've never worn lipstick - well if you exclude dance shows but that doesn't really count. So when the makeup artist said she was going to apply lipstick, I almost fled from my chair. The only lip products I've used is lip balms! We eventually settled for a gorgeous pinky shade called "Pale Petal" and finished it with a sparkly lipgloss. Then, before I knew it, the moment of truth finally arrived. It was all resting on the last 45 minutes. 3...2...1...and the mirror was held up. I was speechless. In a good way of course! The person looking back didn't look like me at all! And the brows, well they were on point - eyebrow game was hella strong. Even the lipstick suited me. That was a first. I was so grateful for what she had done and impressed at the finished result. I was that impressed, I even bought the lipstick which has now become my favourite - well it's my first one. As I lay here in my bed writing this now, I have no make up on, except "Pale Petal" on my lips. It's fair to say, I really do like it. Is that the sound of a new collection I hear? I think so! 
After photos of the finished look with my friends and the lovely makeup artists, Katie handed me a sheet with everything she had used on my face; from the names of the products, to the names of all the brushes, this sheet was basically a "How to" guide of the makeup she had just completed. 

I thoroughly enjoyed that 45 minutes and definitely need to find an excuse to go again! 

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this! 

Have you ever had a Bobbi Brown makeover?

Bethany x

P.S. I must go back and purchase the foundation stick! 


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