All White Everything

After looking in the bags of my most recent purchases, everything I bought seem to have something in common. Everything was white! I don't know if I was drawn to the colour after the South of England decided to go up 10 degrees but all I know is that white has become my new favourite colour to wear. 

Zara had a sale, H&M had a sale, Misselfridge had a sale, need I say more! Let's just say I felt obliged to spend some hard earned money on some much needed pieces to add to my collection. 

From left to right

Wrap Over Bralet With Zip // Sheinside -£14
Backless Loose Fitting Jumpsuit // Zara - £22.99
Distressed Denim Shorts // Primark - £10
Long Sleeved Crop Top With Mesh Panel // Missguided - £16.99
Structured Blazer // H&M - £10

All these pieces were bought with an event in mind from a wedding to a field party, these items either have or will be put to good use. 

White, like black, is a versatile colour and the staple colour to have in your wardrobe. With a good tan and beaming smile to match, any daring or even basic white outfit can be pulled off. Usually seen as a scary colour, all white outfits can be daunting as paranoia of stains kick in. Let me tell you something, I wore white jeans to a BBQ where afterwards we played manhunt in the forest and guess what, I came home with no evidence of the forest fun or BBQ burgers on my jeans, so give it a go girl!

Let today be the day you switch up your outfit and go all white! Just make sure you time it correctly, if you get what I mean? 

Stay tuned for more beauty, fashion and lifestyle posts. 

Bethany xxx


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