Think Pink

That's right, you guessed it, pink is coming out on top and is sticking with us all throughout SS14 too. I bet you're glad you bought that pink coat back in the fall of 2013 now aren't you. However the pale, rosy tones of last years pink craze have been turned up a notch into more bright, bold magentas for the upcoming sun. Having been seen on the runway for about almost every catwalk from Burberry to Celine, make sure a staple pink piece enters your wardrobe if it has not done so already. Try not to go too overboard though, I mean Barbie is great when you're younger, but now 10 years on it's best to leave all the matching pink accessories at the back of your wardrobe. 
The Pink Coat can be simply paired with ripped jeans and an oversized white tee for a casual everyday look or thrown over some dark skinnies and nude heels for an evening look. This versatile statement piece can be worn in a numerous amount of ways and is certain to make heads turn. 
Cheaper alternatives to Burberry's catwalk coat can be found for under £50 in highstreet stores such as: Topshop, Dorothy Perkins and Zara as well as many online stores including Boohoo and Missguided. 


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