Make Up Must Haves

Isn't make up a must have in itself? Well for many girls out there it's the key to hiding that pesky spot now and again, a chance to experiment with new colours or an everyday ritual. For some "make up virgins" make up can be nothing more than a great big taboo, a scary new experience and something to avoid. Make up isn't all that bad. Not all make up "breaks you out in spots", makes you look like you've just stepped out of "Oompa Loompa land" or that you've rubbed your eyes in coal. It's all about quality not quantity, applying correctly and in correct amounts. You wouldn't add more salt to your food if it's salty enough, so why would you add more make up than needed? So all you make up virgins, listen up, take a few minutes to reconsider venturing into the make up world, grab a notepad and pen and take note of the following essentials.

There's no better way to start off your make up adventure than with some basics to get you going...

1. Primer. Like most things in life you need a clean, even slate to work from. Think of this as the shopping trolley of your face before you add the goods to it. A primer is a clear almost moisturiser type feel product that acts as blank canvas, it gives the appearance of smaller pores and grips on to the makeup, helping it stay on for longer. Like most of the products to follow, you'll have to buy and try a variety to find the one that your skin agrees with and your purse too!

2. Foundation. Whether this be in the form of an easy tinted moisturiser, a powder, or a foundation itself, get yourself something to even out your skin tone, hide those blemishes and give you an all round potentially flawless look. Chose your foundation according to your skin type, all make up tells you the type of skin it recommends itself for, so remember to read the packaging!

3. Concealer. A.K.A. an everyday nescessity for life. If a spot descides to make an unwelcome appearance or lack of sleep has left you with bags to prove it, (and not the designer kind) a few dabs of this lifesaver will save the day. 

4. Mascara. Banish all complaining of short eyelashes for good and invest in an eye widening wand. From manga eyes to million lashes, mascara's never fail to win me over by their variety of extravagant names. Once again, remember to read the packaging, don't buy yourself a mascara that prides itself on it volumising ability when length is what you need. 

5. The Lip Product. I've left this open to interpretation, if a simple clear, moisturising balm is all you need don't feel obliged to splash out on a red hot lipstick that will remain collecting dust at the back if your draw. However if "the red lip look" seems appealing to you, by all means go for it girl! On the other hand, a pale, nude pink is always a safe bet and perfect for everyday wear. 

See, make up isn't as complicated as you think, five basic prouducts and you're already on your way to building your collection. Make up can be bought dead cheap, with some products costing less than £2! On average expect to spend somewhere between £15-£50, for a decent array but depending on the brand, prices may vary. So all in all, put those make up queries aside, head on down to your nearest drugstore and treat yourself to a well deserved make up spree. 

That's all for now, see you next time!


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