Week In Photos

So for this post I thought I'd do things a bit different and share what I did during this week in a sort of college type piece. I'll give a small description of what each photo represents and any highlights of the event. 

These aren't in any order and are mainly all from the end of the week. 

Cuppcake Shoes
These were made by my Auntie for my cousins 21st birthday and were made for a family celebration which took place on Sunday. They were absolutely amazing and tasted even better than they looked! 

MAC Eyeshadow
This was probably the highlight of the week and it was such a good day! My friends Elle, Francesca (from www.styledork.com) and I went on a trip to our local MAC concession in Beales to get Elle's make up done! It was so interesting to see how the make up artist applied the make up and with what tools. Taking note in my head, I was so intrigued into the different colour combinations he chose for her face and how they all match perfectly! After this me and Francesca went on a little browsing spree around all the stands, from their iconic lipsticks to the infinite shades of foundations we couldn't help but gaze at how beautiful it looked! We applied swatches upon swatches of the various gorgeous eyeshadows to our hands until there was no room left! All in all this was such a lovely day out and makes me want to loose my Mac virginity and purchase one of their products!

This was just a quick snapchat I sent out before leaving to go to the family celebration on Sunday. 

It's Makeup Time!
During the makeover I had to take a quick snapshot of the moment! 

Outfit of the Week
The classic monochrome look which surprisingly I wore on Saturday before the makeover. Here I wore my new black faux fur gilet, sheer off white/cream shirt, black jeans, black leather gloves, black bag and black heeled boots - a typical Bethany style outfit. 

A Cappuncino Moment
Here is one of my dads "classic" cappuccinos with my favourite biscuit, which I only had one of and didn't keep going back to the cupboard to get more until the packet was empty. 

Louboutin Cake
This, also for my cousins 21st, was made by my Nan and features the famous "red soled shoes" by Christian Louboutin. These happen to be my cousins favourite shoes hence why they appear on top of the cake. 

Happy Chinese New Year
To celebrate the new year, even though my family are not Chinese, my dad surprised us all by brining home a Marks and Spencer Chinese takeaway which was heavenly! From sweet n sour chicken to the must have which is egg fried rice we had it all and boy was I stuffed by the end, but it was worth it. 

Selfie Sunday
A vary rareity from me the ye old selfie, I hardly ever take them, however prior to this I had watched a YouTube video on "How to get the smokey eye effect" and thought my attempt wasn't too bad. So here is the result. 

Thank you for reading this slightly odd yet most recent blog post, hope you had a good week too!

Stay beautiful,




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