Weekly Update

Hello. So I'd thought I'd do something a little different and talk about what I've been up to in the last week and give a general update. 
Obviously this week I had school, however I only went in on Monday and Friday. The reason as to why was because I've been feeling really ill, and still am now, although I felt like I was missing lots of school work so I went in on Friday to try and catch up as much as I could. I spent my 3 days off mainly revising for my GCSE's, watching TV, eating, watching YouTube videos, eating and doing some online shopping. My shopping addiction is getting out of hand as I literally can't go two days without having to buy something. My first purchase was a scarf I was bidding for on eBay. I felt that I needed (yes, needed) a scarf to transition from Winter to the slightly more Spring-like side of Winter. As tartan has been a hot trend this season, I purchased a beige tartan, pressed woolen scarf. 

This was only £4.98, including p+p, so I had to get it! I think it's the perfect colour to ease my way into the fashion of the upcoming months. It's still in-keeping with the whole tartan theme of Winter but the lighter shade allows it to have a more Spring type feel rather than a deep red or green colour which to me feels more wintery. 
The shipping on this was fab, I ordered it on Wednesday and it had arrived and was waiting for me when I got home from school on Friday. 
I'd probably pair this with an all black outfit, eg jeans/heeled boots/coat, as the scarf will add a dash of much needed colour. 
The second item I bought, which is due to arrive either on Monday or Tuesday is a piece from my "2014 Must Haves" and something I've been lusting after for about over a year! It is a black faux fur gilet! I have been wanting one for so so so long and I think it will be a super piece to add to m wardrobe - plus I already  have planned in my head what I'd wear with it. It's a simple black, faux fur gilet/body warmer/sleeveless jacket that is 24" in length so it is just the right length to not be too long or too short. I'm so exited to pair this with a soft, mohair jumper underneath and then shirts or pretty tops when it gets warmer. 

Due to the fact that I've been at home a lot, the most obvious thing to do is watch TV. My favourite programmes like KUWTK (I'm not going to tell you what that stands for because if you don't know you shouldn't associate yourself with me) Celebrity Big Brother and others weren't on at that time so I was stuck for what to watch! Flicking throught the TV guide I came across a familiar sounding programme. I'd heard such good things about this from friends and family and wondered what I was missing out on, and boy was I missing out! I'm talking about Modern Family, aka my second favourite TV programme and literally the funniest thing I've seen. It's such an easy watching, light hearted comedy that depicts the life of an extended American family including all their relatable highs and lows whilst injecting sheer genious one-liners and cheek aching laughter. My favourite character has to be Manny and his ridiculous maturity for a boy of his age makes him hilarious - he's also so cute which is adorable. I seriously recommend this as it made my poorly days better and it's such a great pick me up. You can catch it on everyday in the afternoon on Virgin Media channel Sky 2.

Also this week I got my eyebrows waxed for the first time! It may not seem such a big deal but I've had to put up with "man brows", as I call them, for my whole life as I've always been to scared to get them professionally done. Of course I pluck and keep them tidy myself but I really needed an even shape and some good old TLC on them! It was a really spontaneous decision of mine as I phoned the salon only the night before and luckily they had spaces available on Saturday morning. I guess the reason I was so scared was because I believe eyebrows play such an important part on a persons face and the thought of them going wrong really worried me! However, I was able to show the beautician a photo of how I wanted them done and she did it absolutely perfect that I left with such a beaming smile on my face! 

And last but not least. After much deliberation, realisation and calculation I have decided to put myself on a spending ban for the whole of February, dun dun duuuuuuun! Clever me realised that February is the shortest month and so it wouldn't be such a long time to wait. I felt that I needed a spending ban after realising the couple of hundred pounds I manged to spend in. one. whole. month. Don't even ask. Anyway, February is going to be such a hard month as all the new Spring pieces will be hitting the stores and I know how eager I will be to spend my money on the latest look. What I hope to achieve out of this, obviously a higher bank balance, is the ability of self control and to realise I don't have to go shopping three times a week and feel the need to purchase something. I will still allow myself to go shopping but not to spend any money, well maybe my mum could buy it for me? Now that I've got all my spending out of my system, February will be the month where it's most likely that I come across new ways of wearing my clothes and new outfits which I didn't know I could piece together...fingers crossed!

Well that's all for now and my Weekly Update is over until the next time. Thank you for reading! 

Stay beautiful, 




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