Quick Crave

For a while now I've been looking around for a boyfriend style/cocoon coat, preferably in a dark colour, but is it me or can I not find any? I'm eliminating Topshop from my search as their prices are absurd and definitely not in my price range. I've been looking on all well known online shops as well as in high street shops themselves, however none of the ones I've come across are the one for me! I must admit there are a few out there but being the picky person I am, I won't settle for an "okay" one, it needs to be the one. I'm in desparate need for another coat as my black fur coat is appearing too much and I need a change! The weather should be becoming slightly warmer as we slowly ease out of winter and so a lighter coat is a definate alternative. My search is still ongoing and I'll keep you posted if I find one!

Help is always welcome, so if you know of any feel free to comment where I can find some or even comment a link. Thank you! 

To be continued.......


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