A Short Story

It was the typical, dreary first Monday back after half term and the day was boring as usual. My journey home after the long day was only filled with the reminder that for the next 4 days I will have to put up with the same pain. To my surprise, a box was waiting for me when I got home, and after moments of trying to recollect what it could be, I realised what it was! Prior to that week I had received an email from a recent make up company I had found, e.l.f. (eyes.lips.face). With that email came a voucher code to receive £10 off my next order as a New Years treat. Without any hesitation, my fingers dabbed some letters in and I was on the e.l.f. website. It wasn't long before my order was in the basket, filled with the necessities I most definitely needed (yeah, right!). My order was placed and the code was given, the £10 off voucher lowered the cost to only £13.95 (inc p+p). So what lay before me when I got home was my e.l.f. order! I ripped the sellotape off and frantically pushed the flaps of the box aside. With a beaming smile on my face, I carried the box of happiness to my room and rummaged through the goodies. This was by far one of the best things to come home to, don't you agree?

Above is what I got. 


-Flawless Finish Foundation in Sand
-32 Piece Eyeshadow Palette
-Corrective Concealer Palette
-Black Liquid Eyeliner
-Lip Plumping Glaze in Baby Doll
-Natural Lash Kit

I haven't been able to use the products enough yet in order to give a review so once I have tested them and worked out my opinion I'm sure a review will be up soon. However so far they look promising and I'm very excited to use them!

To end this post I thought I'd talk a little bit about e.l.f. studio itself. I'm unsure about how long it's been around for but for me I've only just discovered it after seeing people post things about it online. It is a great online make up store with literally every piece of make up you could think of with prices you couldn't think of. From powder to palettes e.l.f. allows you to "become your own makeup artist when you visit eyeslipsface.com". It's great for first time makeup users or the average make-up-o-holic, at very affordable prices you can't go wrong really! 

Thank you for reading this and keep checking for more!

Stay beautiful,



P.S. Check out eyeslipsface.com now, they have a sale!


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