Which watch?

I'd thought I'd start off this first real post by talking about one of my all time favourite things and something everyone should own and that is, a watch.

Watches are a great thing to tie everything you're wearing together, whether it's a big statement watch or not.

I myself only have 3 but intend to build my collection with watches of all different shapes and colours.
My most recent watch is a gold and ivory two toned watch from River Island. 
The two toned pattern runs throughout the strap and around the face. The face itself is gold based with ivory features such as the tips of the hands and the lines where some numbers are replaced. The face also has three smaller faces on the left hand side and the River Island logo on the right. Obviously being my newest addition, this watch is my favourite and a must to complete outfits.

Below is one of the best watches I've ever had. I got it for Christmas last year and although it has a few minor scratches it's still in perfect working order. 
It is a rose gold watch made by Quartz with rose gold hands and 12 diamant├ęs in the face itself. The strap is slightly too big for me however I managed to tie it to perfect size. The face itself is on the large side - well for my small wrists anyway.

The next watch is one I got for my birthday a few years ago. It is a white Ice watch with a white rubber strap.

It's a similar design to my Quartz watch but has 8 dots situated amongst the numbers and when the button at the side is pressed they flash multicoloured. The hands and the dot above the 12 glow in the dark also. 

Hope you enjoyed that short but sweet first post and stay to check out more posts.

Stay beautiful 




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