Hair Products I Could Not Live Without

It's come to my attention that misplacing bare necessities such as hair products makes me appreciate how much I need/rely on them. Like everything, there are many hair products I could not live without. Everyone has things like this, whether it be that shampoo that makes your hair ultra silky smooth or that favourite hairspray. The hair industry has advanced so much in the last 10 years and created some products that people would have dreamt of having their whole lives.

10 Second Saviour 

My first hair product I could not live without is Batiste's Big and Bouncy XXL Volume Dry Shampoo.

This I use sparingly when parts of my hair get a little greasy the day after I've washed it. If you are unfamiliar with dry shampoo it is a 10 second life saver and only requires you to hold the can 15 centimetres away and brush through after - its a walk in the park really! This shouldn't be used as an alternative to washing you hair in the shower but alongside it for when you really could do with a little hair refreshing. I usually flick between whatever dry shampoo is on offer whether that'll be the shops own brand or Batiste's as it can be quite pricey. Not only till I saw this on offer had I ever used it before. I myself have naturally thin hair which is always flat no matter how much volumising product I use or the amount of back-coming I do. This product seemed to fit the bill, dry shampoo which I need; check, XXL Volume; check.

A couple of sprays in the inflicted areas and few brush strokes later I flipped my head back up right and POOF big and bouncy was achieved. At first I was apprehensive at the fact that a dry shampoo could increase the volume in ones hair, but now that I've tried this ill never go back!

I really recommend this as an alternative to constant back-combing, as back-combing can damage your hair, however I do have to put my hand on my heart and say that I still back-comb but only a little. As for it's main use of being a dry shampoo, Batiste never fail to disappoint and at £2.99 it's an affordable necessity - plus the packaging is quite pretty too!

Best Brush Ever

It's recommended to brush your hair with at least 100 strokes a day to encourage hair growth. Brushing can be a chore, especially when it hurts and your hairs full of knots. Tangle Teaser manages to overcome all those things and for me becomes the best brush ever. 
Tangle Teasers are hand sized plastic brushes with various sized plastic bristles. Amazingly, it can banish knots with a couple of strokes compared to normal hair brushes which can take up to 10 or more. 

For me this brush is brilliant and something I carry around with me 24/7. Setting you back around £15, this hefty price for "just a hair brush" puts people off. I believe it's a £15 that you'll thank yourself you spent for years to come. Available in many colours including black,orange and pink and various patterns such as zebra and leopard this brush can fit with any personal preference. Tangle Teaser is not "just a hairbrush" but in fact a cleverly designed apparatus that banishes the monotonous chore of subjecting your head to a painful daily routine. 

I highly recommend the Tangler Teaser as they're just a brilliant necessity that I believe all girls should own. As for the hefty price tag that comes with this clever brush, put it in your christmas list, birthday list or save your pennies for it and look around at different suppliers who have it at various prices, compare and then buy the cheapest one. 

An exotic treat

My third and final hair product which I could not live without goes by the name of 'Argan Oil'. This Moroccan oil is put into various hair treatment products and is known for its high absorbing, penetrating and split end repairing qualities while leaving even the most damaged hair soft and nourished for added moisture. 
I have two hair products that contain this super strengthening, hydrating treatment. One in the form of a cream and the other in its purest form of an oil.  
The cream I got from Primark for £4 but can be bought in most good retailers. I use this once every couple of months when really I should be using it more and now analysing over the positivities of it I am now more encouraged to regularly use it. 

The consistency is just like shampoo however with slightly different directions of use. It is recommended that you apply a generous amount of this Argan Oil Hair Treatment Mask to clean, wet hair. Then message into hair, focusing on specifically damaged areas such at the ends. Then let it penetrate and work it's magic for ten minutes and then rinse it out. Whenever I have used it my hair has felt in so much better condition and it smells great too! 

The second Argan Oil based hair product I have is also from Primark and at only £2.50 I couldn't not get it. This I use religiously and have probably gone through in excess of around 5 bottles. 

As you can see I comes in a small bottle as its only encouraged to use a 20p piece size at a time. 
This unlike the cream can be used on dry hair as well and only to be applied to the hair avoiding the roots - I myself only apply it to the ends as that's where my hair is most damaged. Like the other Argan Oil product is provides a healing shine and feels so smooth. 
Whether your hair is healthy, damaged, frizzy, straight or none of the above I highly recommend purchasing an Argan Oil product as the results are fabulous and an inexpensive luxury for you and your hair. Other than Primark the only other retailer I know that stocks a vast amount of various, unique Moroccan Oil hair care is Tk Maxx. Their prices range from as little as a couple of pounds to up to £20 for larger bottles of cream and shampoo. This rejuvenating treatment is really worth it and something my hair and I can't live without. 

Thank you for reading my "Hair Products I Could Not Live Without" and feel free to comment with any questions. 

Stay beautiful




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